How do CBD bath bombs work? 7 things you need to know about CBD bath bombs!

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CBD is a buzzword that seems to be everywhere at the moment. Its popularity in the world of health and wellness seems to know no bounds, and it is finding its way into more and more products. Combining this buzz with the already Instagrammable bath bomb craze has created a highly desirable product that is leaping off of the shelves and into bathtubs everywhere.

CBD infused bath bombs 

As you may know, the vast majority of CBD products are not government approved. In fact, only one FDA approved product is available in the US, with similar numbers in Europe and worldwide.

But this hasn’t stopped the explosion of CBD infused products. CBD is everywhere, and there isn’t a brand or product safe from its creeping takeover. Even heavy hitters coca-cola are planning a CBD infused soft-drink. The only surprise is that bath bombs infused with CBD didn’t hit the shelves sooner.

All of this is leading to many people to self-prescribe CBD products. And many more are left wondering what exactly CBD is, which products are best suited for their needs, and how do CBD bath bombs work?

If you are one of these people, look no further. Read on for our ultimate guide to CBD bath bombs and find out everything you need to know about this hot new product.

CBD bath bomb benefits

CBD has many known benefits and many more that have yet to be thoroughly researched and proven. There are many CBD products on the market at the moment, everything from edibles, skin cream, and oral drops, to shampoos and vape liquid. 

While the basic properties of CBD remain the same no matter which product you use, the effects and benefits can differ depending on where CBD is applied or enters the bloodstream.

Will CBD bath bombs get me high?

CBD is one member of the cannabinoid family – a group plant compounds found in the cannabis plant and naturally in the human body. CBD has many therapeutic and health benefits, but getting you high is not one of them. THC – another cannabinoid – is the chemical responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. 

If you want the health benefits but not the high, make sure the bath bomb you have selected contains zero THC. Look out for products containing broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. 

So what are the benefits?


CBD has many therapeutic benefits – especially for the skin. One of the most well known is its ability to impact the body’s ability to create sebum. Sebum is a naturally produced oil that protects and moisturizes the skin. Overproduction of this oil is a crucial factor when it comes to spots and pimple. So for acne sufferers, CBD bath bombs could be the remedy you have been waiting for. 


Another essential feature of CBD is its pain-reducing properties. Research has indicated that CBD can change the neural pathways related to pain perception. This makes CBD bath bombs ideal for those suffering from aches and pains, or those who like a long soak after a tough workout session. 

Skin Inflammation 

CBD is a great all-rounder for healthy skin. It is also touted as an anti-inflammatory. Taking a hot CBD bath is a great way to utilize these properties for skin-inflammations such as eczema and hives. It is also known to be effective at fighting bacteria and fungus, and moisturising the skin. 

Stress and sleep

And we can’t talk about CBD if we don’t leave some space for anxiety, stress-busting and improved sleep. People are turning to CBD to treat mental health conditions in their droves. When it comes to easing stress and worries a hot bath with essential oils is many peoples go-to solution. CBD bath bombs could be that added ingredient that calm your nerves and set you up for improved, peaceful sleep. 

Do CBD bath bombs work

Research into CBD is still very much in its early days. While there is lots of evidence that shows the benefits for CBD for a number of ailments, research into the various new ways to apply CBD is practically non-existent. But we can draw some conclusions from what we already know.

We already know that the amount of CBD, or any medicine, that enters the bloodstream via topicals (such as creams, shampoos and soaps) is a lot lower than oral ingestion and vaping. While bath bombs may be the ideal method for using CBD to treat skin conditions, it may not be as effective for pain relief and mental health conditions. 

But that’s not the end of the story. 

CBD bath bombs come in a variety of strengths. You can choose the potency depending on your needs and tolerance levels.

Also, there are several ways you can help increase the transfer of CBD into your system. 

  • Make the bath as hot as possible. The heat will open your pores – encouraging more CBD to enter your system.
  • Bath for a long as possible. The more time you spend in the tub, the more chance CBD has to work its magic. Who doesn’t like a good soak anyway?
  • Choose broad-spectrum CBD to increase the number of cannabinoids, or full-spectrum CBD to add THC to the mix.
  • If you’re using a herbal mix that needs to soak – leave it in the water for as long as possible to draw out nutrients. 

What are the benefits of CBD bath bombs over other CBD products?

Good question. There are so many ways to take CBD now, that the choice can be overwhelming. But bath bombs do have some unique benefits. 

If you’re new to CBD, then bath bombs can be a great entry point. Due to the low absorption rates, the effects of bath bombs are less potent than other applications. As a result, they are ideal for anyone wary of any possible side effects or unsure about dosing.

For those looking to treat skin problems, a CBD bath is a perfect solution. Instead of applying a cream to hard to reach areas, relaxing in hot water allows the CBD to be naturally administered in even amounts all over the skin. 

And finally, the well-known effects of a hot bath combined with the relaxing and stress-reducing properties of CBD can give you a deep feeling of peace and bliss that you won’t get from a cream or edible. You can even combine CBD bath bombs with salts, essential oils and whichever bathtime magic tricks usually help get you to that zen state.

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