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Canada's Best CBD Bath Bombs, IRelaxing Epsom Salts, and other Hemp Infused Bath and Skincare Products.

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Self-Care Isn't Selfish

Flower Child aims to bring plant-based luxurious essentials infused with hemp-derived CBD to it's customers, but also plans to educate their community about a better way of life and the benefits of relaxation and investing in themselves.

4 Steps in the Right Direction

Follow these easy 4 steps to have the ultimate bath experience

12 Relaxing Tips

Read these 12 tips on how to get the most of out your "me" time

All you need is 2

Find out which two products complement each other like you've never seen before

3 Mistakes to Avoid

Don't let one bad experience ruin your fun! Find out what to avoid while trying to relax

Self-Care Essentials

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We are proud to make some of Canada's best CBD Bath Bombs, Infused Bubble Baths, Epsom Salts, Body Lotions, Body Scrubs and more!

We Love What We Do

How we made Bath Bombs

Trust the process... it's taken us 7+ years to master it ; )

1. Ingredients

You can't skimp on this step. We use only the highest quality and natural ingredients (that won't stain your tub).

2. Mixing

You won't beleive the sh*t we go through in order to get these bath bombs perfect. Who knew humidty could be such a pain in the ass?

Curing Process

3. Curing

Here's the step that will make all creators jump for joy or cry for help. If everything goes to plan these will not fall apart while curing!


4. Package & Ship

This process is no joke. We take pride in our sustainability sourced and biodegradable packaging.

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